Why Biden Removed This Group From The Terrorist List?

The Iran-backed Shi’a terrorist group in Yemen, the Houthis, was not a student organization. However, they did hold an event in Hajjah recently. New Yorkers should not be concerned about Houthi drones any time soon. This statement shows that Biden’s foreign policies are based more on wishful thinking and fantasy than rational assessments.

This is because in February 2021, just weeks after Old Joe Biden began his pretend-to-be-the-president act, the administration removed the Houthis from the list of terrorist groups. Unnamed State Department official explained that “our action is entirely due to the humanitarian implications of this last-minute designation by the prior administration,” which the United Nations, humanitarian organizations, and other international agencies have made clear will accelerate the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

The Houthis were not terrorist groups for long, but the humanitarian crisis was too serious to allow them to be removed from office immediately. Trump is wrong again.

The student didn’t imagine that Houthi drones could attack New York. Al-Masdar Online reported the Houthis attacked the Yemeni Embassy in New York. Al-Masdar Online reported that the Houthis stormed the Yemeni Embassy in New York.

A spokesperson from the State Department confirmed that the Yemeni report was accurate and said that the United States had been “unwavering” in its diplomatic efforts to release them. “Despite the release of most of the detained, Houthis retained additional staff from the Embassy in Yemen. The State Department spokesperson confirmed that the Yemeni report was true and stated that the United States was “concerned” about the breach of the compound. He asked Houthis to immediately vacate the compound and return all seized property.”

The Houthis were scared by these difficult talks and evacuated the Embassy immediately. Voice of America (VOA), February 24, reported that another U.S. Embassy staffer was taken into custody by the Houthis. According to Yemeni officials, this brings the number of ex-U.S. Embassy staffers under rebel control to only 11.

Biden wants to “consider designating the Houthis terrorists and individual Houthi leaders terrorists,” which carries severe U.S. Government penalties for anyone doing business with them. Biden wants to “consider designating Houthis terrorists, and individual Houthi leader terrorists,” which carries harsh U.S. Government penalties for those doing business with them.

Biden’s handlers must stop appeasing Iran and its client’s countries because of the Houthis’ continuing aggression.