Elon Musk Has $11 Billion To Pay In Taxes

Elon Musk, the world’s wealthiest man, tweeted on Sunday night that he would be paying more than $11 billion in taxes for this year.

This tweet comes one week after Musk and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.Mass.) got into a Twitter spat. About taxes. Warren made use of Musk’s title Time‘s Person of the Year to accuse him of not paying taxes and call him “freeloader”.

Musk hit back hard at her, linking to an article about her pretending she was Native American. He also compared her to her angry mom and called her “Senator Karen.”

CNBC reports Musk’s tax bill could be as high at $15 billion — a combined federal and state tax rate of 54.1% — for Tesla stock sales as he exercised his options.

Musk asked his 62.7 million followers on Twitter whether they thought he should sell 10% Tesla stock to realize the gain and pay taxes. Musk stated that he does not accept a bonus or cash salary from anyone. He stated that he only had stock and therefore the only way to pay taxes is to sell it. His followers voted to let him go.

Will Musk’s $15billion be enough to allow the Sen. Warrens of the world to think he is paying his fair share? As socialists push for socialist policies, Leftists love subjective terms such as “fair”. The Big Left is able to keep shifting the goalposts (and pushing us forward) by using subjective policy goals that cannot be defined.

Flat taxes are the only tax that can be objectively and demonstrably proven to be fair. Everyone pays the same rate of 10%, which means everyone pays the exact same percentage of their income. If you earn $100, you will pay $10. If I make $1,000, I will pay $100. I earn ten times more than you and pay ten-fold as much tax. It is beautiful because of its perfect logic.

But Democrats won’t approve anything so mathematically easy to prove, math being racist.