Bidens Newest Ploy to Get You Vaccinated

Old Joe Biden made a bold move to convince everyone to get vaccinated. He appeared in a video featuring the Jonas Brothers, a Disney Channel band that encourages people to get vaccinated. What excuse are you going to make?

It is unclear who this outreach is meant to reach. Biden’s handlers were able to decide that a silly video featuring a B-list group of pop stars (apparently, they had a hit song called “Sucker,” which seems especially appropriate given the circumstances) would be enough to convince vaccine skeptics.

The video multiplies the number of questions. Three Jonas brothers are present. One of them shouts “Bing Bong!” Then another one shouts “Are You Vaccinated?” These voices are from people who were filmed at Coney Island.

Byron? Is Byron the right name? Jonas Brothers insist that the president is called “Byron”. This is what someone shouted at Coney Island. It is assumed that this is clever and moves everyone to get the jab. But, it is still unclear why.

At the end of the cringefest, one Jonas Brother stops the shouting and asks “Did you get it?” The twist is that we see Old Joe holding a phone like he has captured the entire thing. He smiles and says, “We got that,” and that’s it. Everyone is vaccinated!

There has never been a vaccine on earth that people could not be persuaded by adorable pop stars to get. People have never been threatened with getting a vaccine. People lined up for the polio vaccine, and many others, and they were very grateful. Our moral and intellectual superiors must call out the Jonas Brothers to make the president of the United States look silly in an attempt to persuade people to get the vaccine. Our superiors must insult and harass those who are hesitant to get the vaccine.

These are the reasons. There is increasing concern about vaccine side effects. CBS News reported, “The CDC on Thursday recommended that Pfizer and Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccinations be preferred over Johnson & Johnson’s due to new data regarding the risk of a rare blood clotting effect associated with Johnson & Johnson shots.” RT Sunday revealed documents showing that Pfizer had nearly 160,000 adverse reactions to its Covid-19 vaccine during its initial months.

There is also the unsettling, but not incontrovertible fact that vaccines don’t work nearly as well as people expected. The San Francisco Chronicle has just reported on a wedding where “most, if not all” of the guests were wearing masks and everyone was vaccinated. The wedding is now believed to have been the source of an outbreak of COVID-19 among Kaiser Permanente’s Oakland Medical Center staff.

The NFL delayed three games due to a COVID epidemic, even though all players must be vaccinated. It is easy to understand why people would doubt the effectiveness of vaccines after hearing such stories. While only one or two vaccines were required when they were first introduced, today, a third is considered a given and a fourth is on the horizon. People who voice concerns about this and other issues are called “anti-science” on social media and silenced.

The bad impression left by the administration’s growing authoritarianism and its manifest failures in vaccines will not be erased by any amount of yelling and lip-syncing or mugging by President “Byron” and the Jonas Brothers. If Biden’s handlers truly want everyone to be vaccinated they should send the Jonas Brothers back home and address their actual concerns. This is as unlikely as Kamala Harris becoming a great president, once Biden’s control is over.