DeSantis Rails Against Biomedical Security State as He Bans Vaccine and Mask Mandates

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis challenges Washington’s “biomedical” state by permanently banning COVID-19 masks and mandates.

DeSantis addressed the Todd Herendeen Theater in Panama City Beach and said, “It was necessary for us to fight against the bureaucracy, a major institution, over the past few years.” “The President, the legacy of media, and the medical establishment.” “All of them were working together in order to impose a Biomedical State on society. ”

If passed by the Florida legislature, the law will ban schools from using masks and allow private and public employers to condition employment upon vaccination.

DeSantis stated Florida was “a refuge from sanity in times of crisis, serving as a strong linchpin to freedom’s pursuits.” “These landmark measures will ensure Florida remains this way and will give medical professionals protections for freedom of speech. ”

There is nothing in the law that will stop anyone from getting as many masking or jabs as they want. DeSantis will be attacked by the left.

Fox News:

During the press conference in Florida’s Panhandle, Neal Dunn (the U.S. Representative) and Jimmy Patronis (the Chief Financial Officer of Florida) joined DeSantis. Others also commented on their sentiments.

DeSantis said that booster shots for those under 40 are much more dangerous than COVID-19. Doctors have also reported adverse reactions to booster shots.

Even the CDC recognizes that severe diseases could result from receiving mRNA vaccinations from Moderna and Pfizer. People should have the chance to weigh the side effects against the risk of COVID-19.

Florida’s Surgeon General Ladapo said, “This was the first time in history that mRNA vaccines have been widely used in humans. ”

There have never been any COVID-19-related severe cases in children under 12 years of age. Parents should be able to decide if they believe their child would benefit from vaccinations for a rare disease.

DeSantis proposes protecting medical professionals’ freedom of speech and prohibiting the use of mandated vaccines and masks.

  • Protect freedom of speech for doctors
  • Respect your right to disagree
  • Religious persecution should not be applied to medical professionals.

There was no universal agreement on DeSantis’s bill proposal, as you might imagine.

(Stef, the astrologer and author of “The Pleasure Center” newsletter, is calling the governor of Florida “unserious.”)

The majority of DeSantis’ policies will be in place before 2024 rolls around. Thanks to safer vaccines, better treatments, and COVID-19,