Gay Married Couple Caught Raping and Pimping Their Adopted Special Needs Boys

Mia Cathall, Townhall’s publicist, just revealed the shocking details of a long-running investigation into a gay activist husband and wife who raped their adopted sons.

CNN won’t cover it.

The story will be released by Mia Cathall, Townhall’s Mia Cathall. Some of the material below is graphic.

William Dale Zulock Jr. (33), and Zachary Jacoby Zulock (35) were both arrested for sexual exploitation, aggravated child molestation and indecently tempting a child.

Fascinating facts

  • The two men adopted two young brothers through a “faster than expected” adoption process despite Zack having a previous accusation of raping a child.
  • The boys were adopted through a Christian-based adoption agency for special needs children.
  • The two men — known gay activists — had a four-bedroom, five-bathroom mansion built on two acres outside of Atlanta, Ga. Investigators are looking into where the money came from to pay for the house.
  • A photo from Zachary Zulock’s Instagram account shows the two men carrying pride flags that read “Born This Way”.
  • A 17-count indictment — obtained exclusively by Mia Cathell of Townhall — reveals a disturbing list of charges against the two men. The two brothers, one in third grade and one in fourth, were forced to perform oral sex on both men, which the men also did to the boys. Both boys were anally raped by the men, causing injury to the older boy.
  • Some of the abuse was videotaped by Zack.

Mia Cathell, Townhall’s exclusive source of the 17-count indictment, reveals disturbing charges against the men. One of the brothers was in third grade, the other in fourth. They were made to have oral sex with both men. The older boy was injured when both boys were anally raped. Zack captured some of the abuse.

Zack, according to one of the men, sent Zack numerous messages. He even said “f*cking with my son tonight” as well as “be ready” for photos and videos.

After police arrested Lawless, who had child pornography on his cell phone, the adoptive fathers were taken into custody at 11:30 p.m. in August. They have been charged with a slew of additional offenses, including:

  • Incest
  • Aggravated sodomy
  • Aggravated child molestation
  • Felony sexual exploitation of children
  • Felony prostitution of a minor
  • They are both being held without bond.

Part One of Cathall’s extraordinary work can be found here. You will also find copies of affidavits, jailhouse phone calls, and other documents. You can find Part Two here. Do not look at the Pravda outlets – they don’t seem like two gay, married men pimping their adopted special needs children is newsworthy.

The left is dedicated to protecting child rapists in the LGBT crowd at all costs, including the transamabobs who assault kids in restrooms. They are even trying to normalize pedophilia by referring to pederasts as “MAPs” (minor-attracted persons).

Did you hear the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir sing, “We are Coming for Your Kids”?