CNN Suddenly Changes Its Tone on the Illegal Possession of Classified Documents

CNN suddenly changed its tone regarding illegal possession of classified documents. CNN is now much more accepting of Joe Biden’s illegal possession of classified documents. After a day and night spent blaming Donald Trump for his crimes and treason, the network is suddenly in a much more relaxed mood.

Redstate reported that the president had taken multiple troves worth of classified documents after his vice presidency. This was only revealed six years later. Biden even discovered some of the materials in his garage. He dismissed the fact by saying that they weren’t “sitting out on street”.

It’s not a big deal, but it’s not a huge deal. CNN reports that this is a common problem. The real problem is the over-classification of too much information.

Oh, okay. We are glad to have that resolved, but I don’t recall Trump being given that much benefit of doubt. CNN suggested that Trump had broken the Espionage Act. CNN reported that Trump may have taken nuclear secrets and made a lot of accusations on air that he was selling them.

This was not confirmed, almost certainly because it wasn’t true. But the point is simple. CNN did not hesitate to throw Trump to the wolves, and joined in the chaos. They send reporters out to cover what happened to Biden and make excuses for over-classification.

The missing piece with Kaitlan Collins shows that Biden’s possessions of classified information are not due to someone leaving their briefing in their briefcase. This was the story that the other reporter used. It’s not comparable to Biden taking classified documents, moving them multiple time, storing them in their garage and even filing some in his home office filing cabinets.

Finally, the law does not require it to address the notion of intent that was raised in CNN’s report. It is clear that gross negligence is sufficient. While a single document taken home by mistake is unlikely to be criticized by the DOJ, dozens of documents can be kept for six years and spread around like confetti. It should be noted that the documents Biden had was only found at the most politically advantageous moment.

What have we learned? We have learned that CNN will excuse a Democrat from the same things they criticize Republicans. Talk about a changing culture and the network being less political was just talk. Jim Acosta, by the way, is still employed. That tells you all you need to know.