DOJ Throws WH Under the Bus Over Their Refusal to Answer Questions on Classified Docs Scandal

The Justice Department may have just given Joe Biden and White House a big slap on the face.

Fox’s Harris Faulkner spoke on Thursday about the matter on “Faulkner Focus”. She filmed a video interview with Brett Tolman, a former federal prosecutor. He stated that he believed a crime had been committed and that there was no need for any “intent” or “preparation” to harm the documents.

Faulkner pointed out that the White House continues to avoid questions regarding the scandal. On Wednesday, I wrote about White House Karine Jean Pierre refusing to answer reporter’s questions. She punted and said they couldn’t comment on “ongoing investigations.” The reporters should then ask the DOJ or White House counsel’s offices. The White House could avoid the question and it wouldn’t be in live briefings that the American public could see. Reporters are becoming increasingly frustrated with the state of KJP.

KJP cannot comment, but it’s false. The Biden White House can comment on Joe Biden’s actions. Ironically, they didn’t want comment on an “ongoing” case right now. But Biden was not afraid to comment on Trump’s case and called him “irresponsible”.

Faulkner says that this is not the case according to their DOJ source. They can still talk, even though the DOJ doesn’t stop them.

According to a DOJ source, “DOJ has not and won’t tell White House officials what they are allowed and not to say publicly about this matter.” “The White House is the boss. It’s just the way it works.

Faulkner, who was chastising White House, said that “they’re making their own rules”. It’s not exactly transparent.

This is interesting considering the Washington Post report that the DOJ had agreed with the Biden White House to keep the document find secret. It seems that the DOJ is now stating clearly that they are not going to provide cover for the White House, at least not in their answering questions dodge.

As we reported, the Secret Service said that they will provide any records about visitors to Delaware if Congress asks. This is a fascinating development, considering that they previously claimed they did not have any official logs.

I stated at the time that this was absurd because the Secret Service would, as part their job, have to vet everyone who entered the house to protect Joe Biden. The NY Post sent them a FOIA request. They claimed that they didn’t have any records to respond to the request. This appears to be false, and Congress must investigate why they didn’t tell the truth.

Hunter Biden was at least one of them, as I mentioned earlier. He had access to the Corvette which was parked close to where the documents were kept in garage. We also wrote about photos of Joe Biden with girls at Joe’s Corvette address in Wilmington. This raises many questions about who else may have had access to these documents.