Democrats Panic as Donors Signal That the House Is Lost

Despite infighting and difficulties funding the GOP in swing state elections for the U.S Senate in 2016, it seems that major donors to Democratic Party have decided that fighting the U.S House for its survival is futile.

POLITICO reports there are many House seats that Republicans are at risk, including Rep. Mike Garcia’s 25th Congressional District. These are the seats where no money has been expended. According to POLITICO, Garcia’s decision not to affect Republicans in a year with a significant red wave is making House Democrats panic.

Campaigns don’t matter. Money is the problem.


People involved say the decision was driven largely by a shortage of resources. The largest super PAC in the Republican House has been flooding the election, spending hundreds of millions. They have not been as concerned about Garcia’s decision to leave Garcia’s district unaffected. Multiple sources close to the matter say that they have been pushing their party’s campaign arm not to abandon the seat that President Joe Biden won in double-digits over recent weeks.

Similar appeals from Texas, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere are being made as frustrated Democrats lament the inability or unwillingness of outside groups to spend their precious funds on seats they consider winnable.

It is telling that this is happening in Nancy Pelosi’s backyard (in Garcia) The Democratic Party’s donor base is struggling to find a reason to try to flip seats.

House Democrats are feeling panic as GOP outside groups continue their fundraising record-smashing. Democrats have not been able to respond with the same amount of money. The party was also unable to find the funds to attack vulnerable Republican incumbents. This is an important part of their strategy since they must compensate for losses in conservative Democratic-held regions.

This is an indication that Democratic donors have given up on the party following yesterday’s disastrous inflation report.

This sentiment is consistent with much of the polling. The fact that the Democrats have made things worse, despite passing the “Inflation Reduction Act”, is well-known to Americans.

Campaign-spending people don’t see the point in spending money on elections or campaigns. They focused on issues Americans didn’t care about and chose to fight over them.

These Democratic donors may agree with the Democratic Party on issues like abortion, Donald Trump, and other social issues. But they will keep their money up to the next election cycle because they want the Democrats to keep the White House.

This speaks to their commitment to the campaigns or their delusional belief they can flip many seats to hold close races. It is not my fault that donors don’t want it to be followed.