Biden Admin To Bar Chinese Telecom Giants From US Market

According Axios the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) plans to ban five Chinese companies from using telecommunications and video surveillance devices to combat national security threats.

According to Axios the FCC proposed a ban against Huawei and ZTE. The FCC also blocked Hikvision and ZTE, as well as Dahua Technology Company and ZTE. It is the first attempt by the FCC to implement an electronic ban. It will be approved by a vote and effectively ban all equipment sales to companies that pose a threat to America.

“The FCC found that Huawei, ZTE, and similar gear pose an unacceptable risk to our national security.” Brendan Carr, FCC commissioner, said to the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Axios reported the proposed ban would not be retroactive and allow companies continue to sell electronics that have been approved by FCC. Axios reported new models and updates by banned companies will need approval.

Axios reported the ban as a response to warnings from security analysts, intelligence agencies and security researchers that Chinese electronic products could be used to spy upon Americans. Telecommunication companies that rely on Chinese products will see prices rise because of the ban

According the Associated Press, Trump originally placed sanctions on Huawei by cutting off access U.S. technology. The Commerce Department proposed that additional sanctions be imposed to Huawei for “continuously attempting to evade” existing sanctions through third party providers.

The DCNF didn’t receive any response from ZTE, Huawei or Hytera Communications Corporation.