Biden Attacks the Legitimacy of SCOTUS

Democrats continue to attack Republicans for raising questions about the 2020 election. This is despite the fact that Democrats have challenged voters in the past and questioned elections. Democrats have referred to this as “election denial” and called it a “threat against democracy”.

But the Democrats also attack the Supreme Court. They have incited protesters against Court. Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, encouraged protesters to press the Court to alter its Dobbs-v. Jackson decision. This case ultimately overturned Roe V. Wade. One man tried to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh in relation to the abortion question.

Joe Biden tried to doubt the legitimacy of this Supreme Court in a virtual fundraiser for Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester, D-DE (D) this week.

Mr. Biden stated that he views this off-year election “as one of the most important and significant elections that I have been involved in” because so much can change as institutions change. “The Supreme Court has become more of an advocacy organization than it is… fair about it.”

Can we then talk about “Supreme Court Denialism”? Because they have made decisions that he doesn’t like, he’s attacking the Court’s legitimacy. His comments show that he doesn’t understand or care about the purpose of the Court. The Court’s purpose is not to be politically “even-handed.” It is supposed to interpret the law in accordance with the Constitution. It is not meant to be about politics, or being “even-handed.” Instead, it is about the rule and interpretation of the law. How can you hold the Constitution true to your oath if you are unable or unwilling to uphold it?

How did the media respond to Biden’s comments, however? They did not say that Biden’s comments were inappropriate or suggest that he should moderate his attack. Some also called the Court “hard right”.

The comments of Mr. Biden come at a time when the Court has been taking a more right-leaning turn in recent years. Six justices are currently appointed by Republican presidents. Only three of them were appointed by Democratic presidents. This is odd considering that seven of the eight most recent presidential elections saw Democratic candidates win the popular vote.

It is evident that the media thinks the Supreme Court should depend on the “popular vote”, even though the Constitution clearly states otherwise.

The Democrats would have called for Trump’s impeachment if he had made this statement. Again. This attack on our government’s foundation and the rule of the law is not worthy of criticism from other Democrats or the media.