Democrats Express Shame Over Biden’s Apparent Mishandling Of Secret Documents

Some Democrats have begun to believe that there are conspiracy theories as to who is responsible for the recent revelations regarding President Joe Biden’s inappropriate retention of top-secret documents. Others have downplayed how serious the scandal is.

A few Democrats now admit that recent events portraying the Democratic president of being a hypocrite is “embarrassing.”

What about the details?

Senator Debbie Stabenow (D.Mich.), said on NBC’s Meet the Press that it was “certainly embarrassing” for Biden to be caught doing exactly what he accused former President Donald Trump of.

Stabenow said, “From my perspective it’s one those moments that obviously they wish hadn’t happened.”

Rep. John Garamendi (D.Calif.), agreed that the scandal should be shameful, telling Fox News Sunday that it was “an embarrassment, without doubt about.”

Garamendi added, “I can only – in truth, I don’t have to imagine, I know exactly the President Biden’s words when he was told that these documents had been found in his Washington office, and that it was an ‘Oh’ followed by a four letter expletive.”

Adam Schiff, a fellow California Democrat Representative, said that Congress cannot exclude the possibility that Biden’s mishandling classified documents — more of them turned up in the Delaware home of the president — could have compromised national security.

Schiff suggested that Congress assess “whether there were an exposure to other documents, whether it was harm to national security” in addition to Robert Hur’s investigation into possible misconduct committed by Biden. However, Schiff indicated that this assessment would also be used for a look at Trump’s handling classified documents.

Schiff suggested previously that Trump’s storage in a locked, secure environment (not a garage) of sensitive documents was an indicator that he was a public threat with a cynical attitude towards hard-won critical information.

Schiff also wrote a letter addressed to the director for national intelligence. It stated that “Those who have access to classified information have a duty to protect it.”

Schiff said that Congress and the security community must “take all necessary measures to protect classified information, and minimize the damage to national security caused by its compromise is critical important.”

Schiff stated that he would like to see the documents related to the investigation into the possible crimes committed by the Democratic president. I would like to know the assessment of the [special counsel] and the risk and potential harm, as well as the mitigation measures that were taken.

Senator Raphael Warnock, D-Ga., emphasized the gravity of the situation.

Warnock stated that classified documents must be taken seriously, and should be treated with great care. “This Week” added Warnock, adding, “So I’m glad the Justice Department is doing its job, and we should let that work continue.” No one is above the law. We must get to the bottom so this doesn’t happen again.”

Warnock responded that the Justice Department was involved in the investigation. And I don’t want to get involved in that investigation.”

A Clinton campaign veteran said to The Hill that “Everyone can speak what they want but it weakens him.” … This is one of those things that won’t let go.

Clinton’s aide said, “It just creates a question.” “If he’s being so frivolous about the documents in his garage with his Corvette and who knows what else?,” said the Clinton aide.

David Axelrod, a former Obama advisor, told Reuters that the Biden scandal was “embarrassing” and “basically… a great gift to Trump.”

Some are skeptical that Democrats’ embarrassment at Biden’s latest scandal is genuine.

Ronny Jackson (Republican from Texas) suggested last week, that the timely discovery of these documents and subsequent efforts by Democrats to distance itself from the president might be “a way of getting rid of Joe Biden.”

They don’t want him to run again for president. Jackson said that Jackson was a recipe to disaster in the next presidential elections.

Neama Rahmani, a trial lawyer, suggested that this strategy is unlikely. The threat of criminal prosecutions would disincentive Biden from running in the 2024 race.

Newsweek reported that Rahmani said that Biden is more likely to run for office in 2024 if he is worried about being charged.

It is unclear whether this would be a sound strategy. However, some are still puzzled by the timing of the revelations, particularly since the documents allegedly sat insecure at various locations, including Biden’s gas-guzzling Corvette for years.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R. Ohio) tweeted: “What prompted them look for Joe Biden’s classified documents?”

Biden admitted that he could “drop dead tomorrow”, but he told MSNBC’s Rev. Al Sharpton said in September that Biden was “going to make it again… Al Sharpton stated in September that he was “going to do it again…,” referring to a 2024 attempt at reelection.

The latest Rasmussen Reports/Pulse Opinion Research poll shows that 52% disapprove of Biden’s job, with 42% strongly disapproving, and only 26% strongly appraising.