Chilling Video Shows Passenger Unwittingly Capture Final Moments Before Plane Crashes in Nepal

The last moments of the tragic crash in Nepal were captured by a passenger. The plane crashed in Nepal killing at least 68 people. A video was left behind.

Officials confirmed that at least 68 people were killed in the Yeti Airways plane crash from Nepal on Sunday.

The ATR-72 twin-engine plane flew for only 27 minutes between Kathmandu, Nepal, and Pokhara, a tourist spot.

A ground witness captured the flight and video. An audible boom is heard behind the plane.

A passenger captured the final moments of the accident in a video.

According to The Times of India, one of the passengers was streaming live the flight on Facebook. He can be heard saying “Mauj Kar Di”, which means “It’s really great.”

The plane crashes into the ground shortly after. Passengers shout at the plane. A video shows the plane in flames.

WARNING: This video contains graphic content

The pilot avoided any buildings by avoiding the plane which crashed into a canyon.

Many rescue workers attempted to save any victims of the Nepal plane crash. However, the flames from the aircraft were so intense that they could not reach the wreckage right away.

Bishnu Tiwari, a local resident said that the flames were so intense it was impossible for anyone to get near the wreckage. We couldn’t save him because of the flames and smoke. ”

The flight was a total of 72 passengers, including 4 crew members, 68 passengers, and 4 crew members on the plane.

Yeti spokesperson Sudarshan Bartaula stated that fifteen foreigners were on board the plane. Five Indians, four Russians, two South Koreans, and one from Argentina and Australia were among them.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, it is not immediately known what caused the plane crash.

Investigators have begun an investigation into the fatal plane accident.