Democrats are Stopping School Safety Measures to Create Anti-Republican Narratives

After the Uvalde massacre in Texas that claimed the lives of many children, I haven’t heard anyone say that everything should be the same. Everybody wants some kind of change. It’s time to make that happen. There are solutions that both seem realistic and unrealistic.

Republicans heard the cacophony of “do something”. My colleague shared that they quickly codified the Federal School Safety Clearinghouse into law. This is a collection of information that was created by Trump’s administration and provides parents, students, and faculty with resources about how to improve school safety. It also comes with grants from the federal and state governments.

It was an easy decision, but Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer chose to play politics as Charles reported:

After Johnson requested unanimous consent, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D.NY) rejected the idea. “Hardening schools wouldn’t have done anything to stop this shooting,” Schumer stated. Schumer claimed that there were already guards and officers at the school when the shooter arrived. “More guns won’t protect our children,” Schumer stated.

This is a very dishonest approach, as codifying the program does not necessarily add more guns to the school, but it increases resources for schools to improve safety in schools in many ways, especially in low-income schools.

Schumer placed the bill next to the Democrat’s “Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act”, knowing full well that Republicans wouldn’t vote for it. He could claim that Republicans are responsible for the fact that nothing was done if they didn’t vote for it.

There’s a reason Republicans did not vote for this bill. It’s because Schumer’s bill is simply the “Disinformation Governance Board 2.0.” According to The Hill, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley characterized it as well:

The GOP compares the proposal which establishes offices in the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice to target domestic terrorist activity to the recently paused disinformation boards set up by the Biden government.

“It sounds terrible,” Senator Josh Hawley (R.Mo.). The House passed the bill and predicted it wouldn’t be approved by the Senate.

It’s like a disinformation board with steroids. He also suggested that the Patriot Act for American Citizens could be another way to view it. This law was passed right after the Sept. 11 attacks and expanded the government’s power to collect bank records and phone conversations.

Schumer and the Democrats play politics. More lives are at risk for each game they play. Schools could be made more secure, but Democrats are busy giving media talk points to make it appear that Republicans resist making our country safer.

They don’t. They are trying to Trojan Horse their absurd ministry of truth, and Republicans don’t like it. The truth will be kept secret by their media friends if the people were made aware of the real intent of the Democrats. Instead, they will tell the populace that Republicans don’t care about them, which will be embraced by many.

The midterm elections are just around the corner, and Democrats are desperate. They are so desperate that they will happily offer real solutions to keep children safer in exchange for a thin talking point.