The Majority of Americans Believe Gender-Bending Pronouns Confuse Kids

The results of a poll conducted on May 18th and 19th, 2022 by the Harvard University Center for American Political Studies have been released by Harvard University. It is often referred to as Harvard/Harris poll. Each month, it measures sentiments on cultural and political issues. The pollsters discovered that Americans don’t believe in the atomized individualism of the gender identity movement. They also found that they do not want to see people punished for disagreeing.

Nearly 60% of respondents agree that children should be called by the pronoun that matches their biological sex. The results show the convergence between Republicans and Independents as well as the urban/non-urban divide. 77% of Republicans, 64% of Independent voters, and 77% of Republicans want their children to be called by the pronoun that corresponds with their sex. Only 39% of Democrats are in agreement. 53% of Americans living in urban areas believe that people should use the preferred pronoun of a child. About two-thirds (both rural and suburban) disagree.

The objection to the use of preferred gender pronouns is around 60% for both men and women, as well as parents or non-parents. 60% of respondents felt that allowing children to choose their pronouns would cause confusion or prevent discrimination. The 18-34 age group is the only one where the majority of people believe that children should have the ability to choose their own pronouns. Gen Z is this cohort, where one-fifth of adults identify as members of the LBGTQ Community. The Gen Z LBGTQ identification rate is 20.8%. This is almost double the rate for millennials, and nearly five times that for Gen X.

Similar trends are not surprising when polled about the structure of penalties and requirements for pronoun usage. Democrats, 18-34-year-olds, and independents think teachers should be required to use the child’s preferred pronouns. Contrary to this, 79% of Republicans and 67% of independents support teachers having discretion. More than 60% of parents agree. In this instance, 54% of city dwellers also want teachers to have flexibility with gender pronoun usage.

Nearly three-quarters of respondents believe that legal penalties for incorrect pronoun use are too harsh. A similar number believe that illegal discrimination should not be defined as the inability to use a person’s preferred pronoun. This may be because Americans are starting to see the endless possibilities. The Twitter account Libs of TikTok recently posted a young lady whose username indicates that she believes she is a blue fairy. She explained what “cake gender” was:

The young woman in the video seems to be determining a gender-based on her personality and normal emotions. The xenogender “cake” can be identified if a person feels warm and sweet. As a society, perhaps we should be asking why children and young adults confuse emotions with a linguistic device that was used to denote biological sexual sex up to five minutes ago.

Did we fail to teach our children that physical characteristics, behavior, and attitudes are based on normal distributions? Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist, and the author has noted that there have always been effeminate women and men. This distribution shows a lot of variation with results that are within two standard deviations from the average, which is generally considered normal. This variation is present across all aspects of human behavior, physical abilities, cognitive function as well as personality characteristics.

This poll shows that most Americans can understand the normal variation at some level. The young lady talks about emotions and characteristics that fall within the normal range. However, she wants to convince her audience that they are unique enough to warrant a change in language. She is adding the hundreds of trans advocates who want to be recognized as “genders”.

Americans don’t seem to want to be complicit. The Democrats push a radical trans agenda. Recently, the Biden administration announced that it would reduce funding for school districts that don’t allow boys to use girls’ bathrooms. They risk alienating large numbers of Americans if they push for the same thing.