Moderna Throws Away 30 Million Doses of Unwanted COVID Vaccines

The World Economic Forum (WEF), our betters, met in Davos to discuss what was best for the planet, and all those who live there (including themselves). Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel was disappointed. He was disappointed that the people don’t want Moderna’s cherished COVID-19 vaccines.

Bancel lamented that he was about to throw 30 million of them into the trash because no one wants them. “We have big demand problems.” That sounds to me like an over-supply problem, but what do you know?

Bancel detailed the outreach efforts that the pharmaceutical giant made to “every nation,” which included going to all embassies in Washington D.C. to urge governments to give the extra shots to their citizens. He concluded that “nobody wants them.”

“The situation we are facing now is very different from what we faced two years ago. Two years ago, there was no mRNA in the world. Zero.”

Bancel explained that the current situation is quite different. “Moderna can produce three billion doses annually, while Pfizer can make four billion, which is seven billion doses. The Chinese are against vaccines with mRNA. If you take out the Chinese population, that’s more than one dose per person. As we have just mentioned, vaccine refusal is a problem in many countries.

Bancel made a scathing attack on the unsightly Americans. He said, “People don’t want vaccinations in the United States.” Bancel moaned that there are many people around the world who don’t want vaccines. He then reiterated that there was no “capacity limit” to the problem.

Just prior to Bancel’s remarks, Tedros Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General, opened the annual World Health Assembly and whipped up global enthusiasm for his controversial novel mRNA vaccination.

Tedros rhetorically asked, “So, — COVID-19 — is it over?” Before answering his own question, Tedros replied: “No, it’s most definitely not over.”

He said, “I know it’s not what you want to hear and it’s certainly not the message that I want to convey.” He dissembled, holding on to the halcyon memories from his time on the pandemic throne.

Tedros stated that “it’s not over anywhere until it’s over everywhere” in his remarks later. He stated that only 57 countries had vaccinated 70% of their populations – almost all high-income countries – before criticizing recalcitrant countries for not being able to get those big-money contracts into arms. He finally called out the greatest problem of globalists: “And all, we see vaccination hesitancy-driven by misinformation and disinformation.” They are becoming as widespread and as destructive as institutionalized racism and climate change.

It is sad to see these elites struggling with feelings of loss or insignificance as the world continues to move on from the COVID manipulation. It’s almost as tragic as seeing all that money go to waste on millions of useless and unwanted vaccines.