Cruz and Hawley Grill Mayorkas, Exposing Biden Team in Senate Hearing

Alejandro Mayorkas, the head of the Department of Homeland Security, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday about how the Biden administration dealt with the border crisis. I do not believe it went well.

He gave evidence a few weeks ago before the House and was caught lying there. The Senate was not impressed.

The committee to which Mayorkas belonged was quick to tear him apart. They have lost patience with the Biden team’s inability to and lack of will to address the crisis at the border.

Senator Ted Cruz (R.TX) exposed that Mayorkas’ head was so buried in sand that he refuses even to acknowledge that the border crisis as a “crisis.” He also refused to acknowledge the fact that there is an unprecedented flow of illegal aliens across the border.

Mayorkas won’t admit that it is a crisis. Cruz, however, pointed out that the Chief of the Border Patrol has.

Cruz then asked Cruz if the border crisis has made Americans less secure. If you’re being honest, that should also be an easy answer. Mayorkas refused to answer this question. “One word. One syllable. Three letters. This is how someone answers a question, and does their job. Mayorkas is misleading the American people by being a politician.” Mayorkas gave Mayorkas another chance, but he refused to answer the question.

Cruz then pulled out the receipts and showed Mayorkas the crisis he was refusing to acknowledge. He also showed pictures of people flooding across the street. Cruz asked Cruz what the different colors of wristbands he was wearing in a photo were. Mayorkas said he didn’t know.

Cruz in disbelief said that Mayorkas was incompetent because he didn’t know that wristbands show how much illegal aliens owe to the cartels and that there are thousands along the border. He pointed out that the Biden policies had helped transform the cartels into multi-billionaire organizations, while each illegal alien must pay thousands to cross.

Cruz exclaimed, “These are modern-day legions!” Cruz roared, “There are children being sold to sex slavery and you don’t even know what they’re!” It is quite shocking. Cruz stated that children were being sold into slavery and raped by cartels. He said that Mayorkas was being disowned by border patrol officers because he would allow children raped “to obey political orders.”

Mayorkas was allowed to respond to Cruz’s statements. He couldn’t because he was a coward. “What the senator said was revolting.” It’s not something I will address.”

Cruz delivered the last shot. “Your refusal to perform your job is revolting!”

Senator Josh Hawley (Republican from Missouri) also criticized Mayorkas, noting that the app the Biden team had created and trumpeted doesn’t vet people who come in with real questions. Illegal aliens are being still allowed into the country.

Hawley stated, “Mr. Secretary, rather than building a wall to stop illegal immigrants from entering the country, you have built Ticketmaster.” Mayorkas claimed then that Hawley’s and the Texas Monthly were “mistaken.”

Mayorkas also admitted to Senator John Cornyn (R.TX) that he did not know that cartels “flood” the border with people to overwhelm agents. Mayorkas stated that he was unaware of this strategy. This is something that almost everyone knows and has been repeatedly repeated. Yet, the man who is supposed to be responsible for the response isn’t aware. How is this possible?

“You’ve simply lost all credibility, Mr. Secretary,” Cornyn said.

He must go, Amen.