These Nord Stream Pipeline Attack Rumors Make No Sense

Who was responsible for the September attack on two Nord Stream pipelines?

It is still unclear at the moment, even though there are multiple theories.

There are many theories. Some suggest that the attackers were a pro-Ukrainian group of five divers who chartered their own yacht, while others believe the U.S. was behind the attacks. The theory suggests that the U.S. would have had assistance from several other countries to cover its tracks.

Although President Biden doesn’t have much to say about the subject, Glenn Beck brought in Jack Carr, a former Navy SEAL who is best-selling author of “The Terminal List”, to talk to the audience.

One theory being spread by the West is that it was the Russians who did it.

Carr disagrees. He explains that the question is more complex than a simple yes/no. “If you connect some dots and you don’t need a background strategy or geopolitics, or military tactics… all you have to do is look at it with a little common-sense

Carr sarcastically stated that just because John Brennan, former CIA director, was “trotted out to CNN and NBC for his expert analysis and he claimed it was for certain Russia”, does not necessarily mean it is Russia.

He said Brennan’s track record is “very solid” in Russia, and that he has “been wrong on things.”

Is it possible to prove that the attack was carried out by a rebel group in Ukraine?

Carr replies that it is “very fascinating” and would be a difficult part of a novel to put in.

Carr says that it could have been the U.S.