Cracker Jack Changes Name to Cracker Jill

Do you like being taken to the ballgame and what do you eat afterward? Gender equality has made it unnecessary to answer “Cracker Jack”. Frito-Lay has made a men-mashing move and repackaged its beloved candy. Feminists will now be able to eat “Cracker Jill” since all the references to men are Jacked up.

Official Frito-Lay’s YouTube channel has an advertisement praising the improvement.

The company believes in a common principle: People cannot live well if there aren’t others like them. Sometimes all it takes to believe you can do something is to look at somebody who has. The Girl Power promotion champions

Cracker Jack is proud to have a long history of involvement in sports.

Introducing…Cracker Jill.

This is a revised version of the famous sing-along in MLB:

Take me out to the ball game

Take me out to the crowd

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jill

No one can stop you if you have the will

So let’s root, root, root for the girl’s team

Adding our face to the game

And we’ll run, throw, with never a doubt

It’s a new ball game

Humans lived naked in the woods thousands of years ago. A lifetime could be viewed before this likeness.

This was back in the day, but now everything must be about narcissism and mirror our own representation.

Perhaps you are a bit too educated and overthinking it.

Let’s all hope the ad inspires little girls around the world. I hope they know how much America is rooting for them.

Concerning Cracker Jack and modernizing its moniker mistakes, Frito-Lay should figure out there’s more undoing to be done. How about correcting the lingual leftover that’s still propping up prejudice? The game-day goody’s eponym remains a racial slur.

It may be necessary for the caramel and peanut treat to remove its toxic masculinity.

While they may change the name to include a feminine flavor, the caramel-coated and leguminous popcorn is still very much macho.

It’s still tacky. It still has nuts.