AOC Explaining Why Republicans Oppose Trans-Activism

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also known as AOC, which we use because it is her initials and she gets pissed when referred to by her initials. She is an advocate for many things. Therefore, she’s popular with many people or those who understand 140-character slices of the world at once.

She doesn’t have to explain herself to anyone. Only safe and sound asleep people are able to question her intelligence, understanding, or sanity. Sometimes AOC does something so outlandish and bizarre that even her friends have the nerve to get up and leave.

Republicans are trouble with members of Congress that think first and speak second. Marjorie Taylor Greene is America’s most hateful, insulting Republican.

Recent embarrassment among Democrats was caused by the fact that the Supreme Court nominee couldn’t answer the question about the “woman” definition. — came up with the perfect solution.

This answer is the best because it will anger feminists, evolutionists, and humanists.

MTG was sincere and serious.

We now know why The Handmaid’s Tale works. Men salivate at the opportunity to enslave women and create baby machines.

Many women are too busy caring for their children, their families, and their husbands to give much thought to AOC and MTG. Sara Twitchy provides a great perspective about the main objection Republicans have against the transgender movement.

Criticism of radical trans movements’ threats is not based upon the fear that they “threaten GOP’s definitions of women,” which they consider weak, male property. Liberals, Democrats, and others can’t agree on their views toward AOC. The radical trans movement’s systematic extermination is what is causing much of their criticism. They insist that young children be “gender fluid” (nonbinary), and must be raised according to the Bible of Queer Theory.

Transgender women can have periods even if they’re biologically male. When someone points out that human biology does not exist as a social construct, AOCs or radical trans movements can incite “epic meltdowns & moral panics”.

This is the AOC position, radical Democrats. They will cancel any friend, foe, or enemy that challenges their most precious fantasies.

Biology is irrelevant. Politics only.

In siding with radical trans activists, AOC is siding against women. That may sound like a simplistic characterization of her philosophy, but it’s an accurate characterization. Marjorie  Taylor Greene isn’t doing Republicans any favors, but AOC is arguably even more toxic to the public discourse.

AOC has become a source of disillusionment in public speech. She will accuse anyone who disagrees with her that they are racist or sexist, while boldly declaring “truth to power.”

Instead, she murmurs and emotes. In the end, she sticks her little foot in the ground with something she cannot understand but can appreciate as revolutionary.

She is stupid, and believes that her heart is in the right place.