Guess Who is Still Bragging on Himself, Claiming He Made Europe Stand up to Russia’s Invasion of Crimea?

Ahh, those “good old” days. Obama returned to the White House Tuesday. Obama sucked out oxygen from the room. He effortlessly humiliated his former vice president, who was reduced to mumbling and aimlessly wandering about, as Obama reveled in the limelight. Barack Obama took full advantage of his brief return to the podium to brag about himself.

This is not about a president who couldn’t mark a significant holiday, national anniversary, or other events, such as the attack on Pearl Harbor, Neil Armstrong’s death, or the first man to Mars without including an image by Barack Obama.

Fox News reports that Obama mentioned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine during an interview. In typical Obamaesque braggadocio, he also explained how he forced European countries to respond against Russian aggression.

I found the European response encouraging. They were not willing to respond in the way that we requested, so I had to drag them around in 2014.

Uh-huh, sure he did.

This is the same man who in 2012 ridiculed established a “red line” in the Middle East. He also promised that Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons would change everything. The bottom line: Al-Assad used chemical weapons against his people, killing around 1,500 children and men.

Even worse, as noted by Fox, Obama also 2012 infamously ridiculed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney (oh, hell — here come the random Romney blasts) for identifying Russia as America’s “number one geopolitical foe” — a valid claim in 2012.  During a presidential debate, Chicago Jesus Obama smirked:

You answered Russia when you were asked about the greatest geopolitical threat America faces a few months ago. The 1980s want to re-establish their foreign policy after the Cold War ended 20 years ago.

Please, O — save our revisionist Obama history.

Just Stick to humiliating your sidekick, and shut up bragging on yourself because nobody cares.