Mass Shooter Sentenced to 10 Years in 2018, Paroled in 2021 Regardless of DAs Objection

Joe Biden used the Sacramento tragedy to rally support for gun control. Despite California having some of the strictest gun control laws in America, and the lack of information about the shootings and who they were, Joe Biden used the tragedy in Sacramento to drum support for gun control.

The true story, which mainstream media will try to ignore, has nothing to do with lax gun control laws and everything to do with the “reimagining of justice” being done and supported by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and Board of Parole Hearings.

One of the men arrested in connection with the shooting had a long criminal record. After only three years of a 10-year sentence of domestic abuse and assault with great bodily injury, Smiley Allen Martin was released in April 2021. It ended:

“Inmate Martin’s behavior reveals that he is aggressive and not willing to comply.” Martin has no respect for his victims who have been left in the wake of his many serious crimes.

“If he’s is freed soon, he’ll continue to break the law.”

We all know that Abildgaard was not the only one concerned. Anne Marie Schubert, Sacramento District Attorney was also concerned.

Both Dandrae and his brother Smiley both have criminal records. They seem to be attracted to physically assaulting women.

Six months after turning 18, Smiley was charged with adult criminal offenses. He admitted that he had been transporting the assault weapon to buyers. He was sentenced to county jail and probation. However, it is possible that he could have been charged with juvenile offenses.

After a string of robberies at Wal-Mart stores and Target stores, he was arrested in the weeks around Thanksgiving 2016. Electronics worth thousands of dollars were stolen and taken. He was sentenced to two years imprisonment. He was told he would be arrested by officers and fled on foot.

The crime that led to the 10-year sentence was committed in spring 2017. Details were provided in an April 2021 letter by the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office.

His letter stated that he discovered her in her bedroom closet and hit her repeatedly with his closed fist. After he put her in the car, he then attacked her with his belt.

It was discovered that the victim was a prostitute and that Martin was encouraging her to be one. He would text her and discuss with her on social media how to take payments and how to pay.

The shooting involved at least one firearm, which was stolen and turned into a fully-automatic weapon.

California is witnessing unprecedented levels of violence. We know why, and it isn’t gun laws.