Could New Hampshire Go Red in 2024?

New Hampshire hasn’t supported a Republican candidate in a presidential race since 2000. It is a small but crucial battleground state, which could be the difference between a close race in 2024.

Governor. Chris Sununu, R-N.H., believes that Joe Biden’s loss of support in Granite State could lead to Republicans winning the state with its four Electoral College votes in the next election. Sununu believes that Biden’s insulting New Hampshire voters with the change in primary schedule was a factor.

“Joe Biden messed up this for himself and the Democrats.” Sununu, during an interview on “Fox & Friends First”, said that we’re going to be first no matter what. New Hampshire’s primary will be the first in the nation. Biden wanted to show his friends in South Carolina that he was not going to let them down. South Carolina has one of the lowest voter turnouts in the nation. Iowa Democrats are trying to mess it up by turning their process into primaries. I’m sorry, guys. The New Hampshire primary will be the first. “That’s why Republican candidates are here.”

Sununu added, “New Hampshire will be a major player in the general elections.” It’s insulting, I swear. The president insulted Democrats in this state. Many people are aware that we’re an independent state, and we tend to lean more Republican. This is why it’s possible that this state could go Republican in November.

This is a bold prediction. New Hampshire is one state that suffers because of its proximity to blue states. Liberal voters are fleeing Massachusetts’ high taxes and regulations for New Hampshire’s lower taxes, which makes it the fastest-growing New England State.

Joe Biden pushed for South Carolina to be moved ahead of the Democrat Primary schedule, after Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.), endorsement saved Biden’s 2020 primary. Biden’s move is seen as a way to repay Clyburn and give minorities more influence in choosing the Democratic Party nominee. This move was made at the cost of insulting New Hampshire.

Does that mean the insulted Democrats of this state will not be motivated to vote for Biden in 2024? Sununu thinks that New Hampshire remains a swing state that can vote either way. Republicans have a shot there.

“[Biden] has completely turned his back to the state.” Everybody realizes it,” says Sununu. I think many people realize that we are an independent-minded, Republican state. This could be the reason why this state is likely to vote Republican in November.

I hope he is right. New Hampshire has only four Electoral College Votes, but they could be crucial.