Charlie Kirk Mobbed by Angry Activists at Northern Arizona University

Charlie Kirk, the founder and president of Turning Point USA, is not unfamiliar with anger. This includes that from young activists. When rumors of him appearing at a University spread, it’s like a wasp hive kicking and when he shows up, the swarming starts.

Kirk’s appearance at Northern Arizona University, which took place last week, was no exception. Students had already posted signs on windows saying “Fascists f*** off” and “Transgender rights are human rights” before Kirk arrived. Irony strikes everyone that those who call Kirk a “fascist” are also the ones trying to shut down other people’s speech.

Kirk arrived at the end of a protest that had begun like a welcoming party. You can see them chanting “trans lives are important” in the video.

Kirk arrived and the mob started screaming at him, including “f*** you fascist”. Kirk’s security detail is seen surrounding him to prevent the hostile crowd from getting close.

*language warning*

Kirk seemed to try to engage the crowd at one point but the screaming made it impossible to hear what was being said.

Kirk wrote in response to the current situation: “When you send children to America’s universities and colleges, you are playing Russian Roulette with your values and future.”

Despite the rage and screaming, it is a relatively tame reception compared to what Kirk received at UC Davis. Antifa appeared and was handcuffed by the police. At one point, the rioters broke windows and doors of the building where Kirk spoke.

The overt and irrational outrage of students at this point over the appearances of people like Kirk shows that college education is not so much an education but a political conditioning. Kirk said in his X-post that it is a “Russian Roulette” game. It’s likely that your child will lean left if you haven’t spent a lot of time and energy teaching them to guard their mind and heart.

But it raises the question of what the point of college is at this time. Sending a child to a college that is overly expensive and ends up as a place for ideological conditioning rather than higher education does not seem wise.

As parents and citizens take on the problem of filth in public schools, it is time to also look at the radicalism that has taken over universities and colleges.