Trump Ally Lin Wood Flips, Becomes Witness Against Former Boss

In the early part of the year, when Fulton County DA Fani Willis indicted Donald Trump along with 18 other co-defendants, one name was suspiciously absent from the list. Lin Wood was the attorney who led the charge to claim that the Georgia 2020 election was stolen.

Wood went as far as to say that Brad Raffensberger and Brian Kemp would be sent to jail. You can imagine how confused people were when Wood was not charged with any criminal activity in relation to Willis’ alleged criminal conspiracy.

We know now, or we at least have a pretty good idea why. A court filing on Wednesday revealed that Wood had flipped and would be a key state witness in the RICO trial.

Fani Willis, Fulton County district attorney, revealed on Wednesday that Lin Wood, a pro-Donald Trump attorney is a “witness” for the state in the Georgia case of election subversion.

Wood’s name was buried within a court filing from the DA’s office, which raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest for six defense lawyers who had previously represented other defendants or witnesses in similar proceedings.

Wood had been subpoenaed before by Georgia prosecutors, but it was unknown whether he was a state witness.

The court document states that “Lin Wood has been called as a witness by the State for this case.”

This is not good news for Donald Trump. Wood was a major part of the “Stop the Steal” campaign, and invented and promoted some of the most outrageous conspiracy theories. He would not have gotten off the hook had he not provided something valuable to the prosecution. This could include anything from emails and text messages to direct testimony.

The truth of the testimony doesn’t really matter. It all depends on what he is willing to say or give up to save himself. Willis did not even charge him to try and squeeze him. He must have been extremely cooperative right from the start of her investigation.

Is Willis’ argument any less absurd today than yesterday? It doesn’t. It is a sham to use RICO laws against Trump and his associates. In 2022, there was no criminal conspiracy in Georgia. Trump was only acting out of anger because he believed the election had been stolen. It’s obvious, given how chaotic and incoherent much of the election was.

Willis is a Democrat of the extreme left who wants to establish herself. She wants to be able to take down the orange bad guy. This is all that’s going on. She might be able to succeed with her plan, given the huge bias in Fulton County.

Let this serve as a warning to Republicans for the future. Choose your friends carefully. If you lay down with dogs you may get fleas.