Congressional Squad Members, AOC and Tlaib Debunk Facts With Nasty Threats

Clay Higgins (a Republican congressman hailing from Louisiana) made a big deal last week about Raya Salter. Before becoming a lawyer, she was a community organizer.

Higgins asked Ms. Salter simple, obvious questions but she declined to answer.

Higgins pointed to Salter that everything, from her phone to the table at which she was sitting, was made of petrochemical products.

Instead of answering, she lectured Higgins, giving platitudes and entreaties and asking him to “search his soul” as well as to “ask his God what he’s doing to the Blacks and poor in Louisiana.”

Higgins continued to press her for answers.

What are your thoughts on air travel?

Sir! You need to search your heart! It’s clear that the fossil fuel industry has been destroying the Earth.

AOC is on the committee and launches into one of her “worst display of misogyny rants against Higgins because she dare ask Salter questions that she couldn’t answer. It’s clear why Salter wants to go back to sailing and wooden boats.

Rashida Tlaib was another member of the team and wanted to enjoy a moment in the sun to improve her environmental credentials. Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase, was the first person to ask.

Tlaib: “Does the bank have the policy to stop financing new oil or natural gas products? Dimon?”

Dimon: “Absolutely not, that would be America’s road to hell.”

Tlaib: “That’s fine. Sir, you know what? Everyone who has (sic?) student loan relief should close their bank account.

Dimon was the most concise and direct of all the banks. However, it was obvious that all adults were repeating the same message: We will continue lending money to the oil sector.

Oil is the only thing that keeps everything running. It is extracted from ore mines using earth-moving machines that are powered by diesel. Diesel is the preferred fuel for all ships transporting goods to distant islands.

The world will continue running on oil in the near future. Congressmen and women will continue asking basic questions.