Biden’s Military: Forget Mom, Dad, Use Woke Substitutes Instead

Air Force cadets were told to use the words “parent” and caregiver instead of gender-specific terms like “Mom” or “Dad”. This is another sign of the awakening that has permeated America’s military during the Biden administration.

The instruction was part of the cadets’ “Diversity & Inclusivity (D&I)” training, The New York Post reports. The leaders informed the cadets that D&I was a “warfighting imperative”.

Fox News Digital’s Rep. Mike Waltz (Green Beret) stated that it is a long tradition for military personnel to receive letters from their mom and dad or boyfriend and girlfriend.

He said, “Now, we’re telling every Air Force cadet not to tell mom or dad, or boyfriend or girlfriend.” “I believe that the Air Force should concern itself about the macro-aggressions taking place around the world against America. ”

In the training, cadets were asked to write as many animals starting with the letter “G” as possible. The participants were enthusiastic.

The presentation advised cadets to recognize different family structures. They are warned not to assume that.

“You guys” should be replaced by “team”, “squaddies”, and “folks.” It is time to give up the roles of “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”, as training encourages us to focus on “partner”.

Air Force spokesperson stated that the exercises were intended to encourage diversity and promote inclusion. “>”… Our Air and Space Forces are the most innovative in the world due to the many Airmen and Guardians from all corners of the country who perform the crucial mission sets of the Department of the Air Force. ”

Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton filed vehement complaints against Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on July 20, 2021.

Cotton cited many examples of service personnel who had been dissolved from “woken” incidents and asked Austin several questions. ”

Austin responded, “No, I don’t believe that.” Austin replied, “No, that’s not what I believe.” He added, “And this is why we have diversity equity focus within the military.” He added that he believed diversity, equity and inclusion were important for the military now and in the future. ”

Cotton started by saying, “Mr. Sec., I received many hundred whistleblower complaints concerning Pentagon extremists.

He then referenced reports that a session on military history was being replaced by mandatory training in police brutality, white privilege, and systemic racism. One midshipman from Naval Academy said that America was a “fundamentally racist place” to his classmates. One airman said his unit was forced into a racist exercise called a “privilege walk”; a Space Force officer claimed that an African-American soldier stated that she would not have joined the military if she knew about the hotbed for he didn’t want indoctrination. Then she filed separation papers.