Air Force Academy Diversity Training Tells Cadets To Use Words That Include All Genders, Drop Mom And Dad

The United States Air Force Academy Colorado offers diversity training.

Slide presentation entitled Diversity & Inclusion: What it means, why it matters and how we can help. ”

Diversity and inclusion training (D&I) also requires cadets to break down into smaller groups, and then name as many “GAnimals,” or animals that start with the letter G.

Cadets receive information about D&I resources at Colorado Springs Academy’s Colorado Springs campus.

A press release stated that the academy offers a Cadet Wing Diversity & Integration Program. A purple ribbon is given to graduates that they can wear across the left shoulder.

The memo mentioned “Recommended Trainings”, which were inclusive leadership and conversation facilitation.

Waltz is a member of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Readiness. He stated that the program’s structure is particularly troubling as it appears to create “parallel and separate chains of command.”

According to the spokesperson, the exercises were designed to show diversity and highlight the advantages of looking at different perspectives.

Clark explained how the slide “inclusive languages” was used to demonstrate how respect can be used to build inclusive warfighting units and teams.