AOC Says Young People Not Having Children Because Of Burdens Of Capitalism

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez suggested that increasing immigration could solve declining birth rates in the United States, as Americans are “under the burdens capitalism.”

New York’s Democratic Representative, Firebrand Hillary Clinton, took to Instagram to voice her disappointment that young people don’t have children and offer a solution.

“There are quite some countries that are really struggling, because young people, under burdens of capitalism, and living in a society where wealth is increasingly concentrated among the wealthy, are not having children. Ocasio Cortez stated that we are not having children at the same pace. We need to have immigrant populations in order to balance the system. Without immigrants, we can’t afford to continue funding social security and Medicare. It’s been this way since the beginning. Do not act as if this is a new trend.

According to the Census Bureau, births in the United States are “broadly stable” but have dropped from approximately 4.1 million births per year in 1990 to 3.7million births in 2019.

According to data compiled and maintained by the Migration Policy Institute by the U.S Census Bureau, immigration has been increasing since 1970.