Chinese Start-Up Sells Thousands of Kissing Machine Devices to Keep Long-Distance Couples Connected Online

Long-distance relationships have always been a challenging and emotional experience for many individuals. However, with new technology, a Chinese start-up named Siweifushe has created a unique device called “Long Lost Touch” that they claim can help solve some of these issues.

This revolutionary device is designed to mimic kissing and comes with an application that can be downloaded onto smartphones. The device features silicone lips that send motion data to sensors, replicating the kiss on the other set of lips. It also produces sounds made by the partner and warms up slightly during the kiss. The product comes in different colors, and a set of two lips must be paired together to function correctly.

Siweifushe has already sold over 3,000 units since its launch in January 2023, and they have received 20,000 orders, indicating that the product has struck a chord with many individuals.

Founder of “Long Lost Touch,” Zhao Jianbao, highlighted that technology is evolving, and people can communicate and make phone calls online, but he hopes that this device can fulfill the need for getting in touch online and make it even better.

Customers like Jing Zhiyuan have found the device to be a “flavoring agent” in their long-distance relationships, stating that it acts as a surrogate when they cannot see their partners. However, some individuals, like Huang, have expressed concerns, stating that the device is perverted and would not be helpful.

Interestingly, Siweifushe is not the first company to create such a device. Tokyo’s University of Electro-Communications developed the “Kiss Transmission Device” in 2011, which has over 2.7 million views to date. Malaysia’s Imagineering Institute also created a similar product, the “Kissinger,” in 2016, which did not have a set of lips.

In conclusion, the “Long Lost Touch” device by Siweifushe has become an innovative solution for long-distance relationships, showing that technology can provide unique solutions to age-old problems.