Lauren Boebert’s Brilliant Tweet Catches Rachel Vindman in Spectacular Self-Own

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R.CO) uses social media to expose the insanity of the left. To draw people to her left, she’s used jokes and trolls on social networks.

After Joe Biden said this, for example, her masterful trolling of Joe Biden was evident.

Poor Joe didn’t know how to count anymore. “Let me begin with two words: Made In America.” It was October 2022. As I reported Thursday night, things have gotten worse.

Democrats ignore the problem and try to deflect it. Boebert also tweeted this.

Boebert stated, “Two words: Let’s go, Brandon!”

She was called stupid for using “two words”, and the left suggested she resign. They didn’t realize (because their media doesn’t tell them) that Biden had just said that. They spread the news and eventually had to realize how hypocritical they were if they didn’t care about Biden’s problems. She also gave them a “Let’s go Brandon” and encouraged them to spread it.

Boebert was making a point about Biden’s new ATF rule that bans pistol braces. This would not reduce crime, but it would violate the Second Amendment rights of Americans.

After being finalized by the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco and Explosives, this rule, known as Factoring Criteria For Firearms With Attached Stabilizing Braces (ATF), went into effect on Jan. 31. Any firearms equipped with stabilizing accessories will be treated as short-barreled rifles. This is required by the National Firearms Act.

Republicans believe that gun owners would have to register their pistols with ATF stabilizing braces, surrender them, or face a 10-year sentence and up to $10,000 fines.

This is a gross abuse of executive power, and it violates the rights of Americans. The GOP has proposed legislation to stop it. Biden’s budget proposal would increase ATF funding by approximately $200 million. What does this mean? It sounds like he wants to see the ATF go after Americans for violating these rules.

Boebert sent the following tweet, not knowing that it would be retweeted, but it would bring attention to the critical issue.

Boebert stated that “Biden’s ATF rule banning handgun braces is extremely risky.” She joked that it was causing millions of boating incidents across the country. Boebert also referenced the common joke gun owners make about the government trying to take their guns unconstitutionally. Guns tend to get lost in boating crashes when they are taken.

She had people on the left spreading her tweet and calling her stupid, not understanding the joke or the unconstitutional nature of Biden’s actions. They were also spreading the tweet that Biden’s new rule was dangerous to many people who didn’t know about it.

Rachel Vindman was the wife of Alexander Vindman, an execrable impeachment witness. Here is her amazing self-own.

“MILLIONS OF BOATING ACCIDENTS!!!” she trumpeted. “It must be physically painful to be this stupid,” she said.

Rachel, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Why don’t we ask? It is? She didn’t get the joke. But she didn’t even understand the second part. It was a comment on Biden’s attempt to act by fiat.

No, it’s calling out unconstitutional behavior. But that went right over her head. Considering who she’s married to, it all makes sense.

People on the right had a good laugh over her reaction and similar reactions from many on the left.