Police Make Horrific Discovery in Dog Cage After Responding to Reports of Screams in Home

Police announced Friday that the parents of a Philadelphia boy who was found in a dog cage were arrested and charged with endangering a child’s welfare.

Michelle Campbell (30) and Paul Weber (31), were called to their home by police. They found two children aged 3 and 5 wandering in the rain at the back of the house, partially clothed.

A boy was found inside the cage zip tied.

Three children were taken to St Christopher’s Hospital by their parents for evaluation. They looked to be injured.

Both Campbell and Weber were also charged with Recklessly Endangering a Person.

Other children living in the home were also at school at that time. Police discovered an elderly woman, and a man aged 40, inside the home at the same time. No word was available on any additional arrests.

Sergeant Eric Gripp stated, “This is an absolutely terrible situation.” “We don’t live in a world in which a child should be kept in a box or left outside in the rain.”

According to police, officers were called to the house before. A neighbor claimed that there had been “drama” for many years.

“Cops have been coming to this place on and off. Hector Perez said that nothing has been done.

Gripp said, “This shouldn’t happen again and we’re going all out to make sure it doesn’t.”