Capitol Police Release Damning Facts, Slam DOJ Decision to Not Charge the Colbert Nine

The Department of Justice made one of the most predictable and predictable moves possible on Monday, announcing that it would not indict the “Colbert Nine”, who illegally entered the US Capitol Building last summer.

Nine members of Stephen Colbert’s far-left TV host were taken into custody on June 16th for refusing to leave the premises. They were previously told that they needed an escort to enter the premises. The DOJ presented the situation to the court as a big mistake, noting that Colbert team members were invited by Congressmen, including Rep. Adam Schiff.

The DOJ did not provide the necessary information to support the charges. The USCP now does that for them by responding to an inquiry with a timeline and painting a completely different picture.

It is clear from the whole statement that this was not a simple misunderstanding caused by people who didn’t know the rules. Multiple times, they were told multiple times in multiple instances that they couldn’t be inside any Capitol building without an escort. They were taken out of Capitol Rotunda on June 16th and informed about the rules. It is no doubt that they intend to ignore the law to harass GOP members.

They were not also invited to the building on June 16, which is untrue. This is the main reason the DOJ has not filed charges. They met on June 15th. Contrary to their belief that they were unwitting, the group was denied the credentials requested for the next day and decided to illegally enter the country anyway. Ironically, it was a Democrat employee who called Colbert’s police team to report the chaos and yelling.

Farcical is the notion that there was not enough evidence to charge them with misdemeanors. They would still be in solitary confinement if they were a group illegally entering Capitol Building multiple times to harass Democrat congressional representatives. It’s a joke because everyone knows that our justice system has two levels. Washington DC is basically a get-out-of-jail-free card for those who are on the left.

It does not feel, perhaps, like the USCP is finally realizing that it has been used by Democrats in the last year and a half for political gain. Capitol Police are no longer heroes of January 6th. Instead, Democrat members have openly defied them and accused them of insurrection. That letter detailing the “Colbert Nine” incident is very interesting and forceful.