Biden’s Bike Fall Gets Humorous Recognition as Lawmaker Raises Questions About Mental Capacity

Americans are known for their humor. Joe Biden fell off his bicycle in Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware, in June. Biden fell as he stopped and seemed to have his foot stuck in the pedal toe box. He then tipped over.

Google Maps has a brief history landmark added by someone near or at the site where Biden fell.

There were even reviews. People had fun with Biden.

Biden was given the nickname “Brandon” after the 2021 NASCAR Xfinity Series race in Talladega Superspeedway, Alabama. An NBC reporter attempted to claim that the people cheering for Brandon Brown were actually chanting “F**k Joe Biden”. “Brandon” became shorthand for criticizing Biden and the media’s insistence on smoothing things over.

The marker vanished Tuesday night after it was discovered by the Google police.

Sean Hannity, his guest Rep. Hannity, recognized the landmark on his show and said, “People are too funny.” Troy Nehls (R–TX).

The more serious question Nehls raised with Pete Buttigieg, Transportation Secretary, about the 25th Amendment, as well as Joe Biden, was then brought up. Nehls then asked Buttigieg if he could apply the same questions to Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

Nehls told Hannity that Biden had been “shaking hands” with Casper after 18 months of office – in reference to the cartoon ghost – and had also allowed the White House’s Easter Bunny, to sway him away from reporters earlier in the year.

I thought it was a fair question [of Buttigieg] since [Biden] the leader of the free world and our enemies are taking advantage of this weakness. Mayor Pete should be asked a fair question about the 25th Amendment.

During the hearing, Buttigieg became agitated and criticized Trump.

Nehls allowed Buttigieg to answer his questions, but Buttigieg refused to do so, claiming that the questions were “ridiculous”.

The problem is that they aren’t absurd. It’s something we see every day. While people may have fun with “Brandon Falls”, not everyone sees the deeper issues Nehls is raising. We might not question why Biden does not have anything on his public calendar for two days if things were normal. When that happens, and his staff cannot explain why it is happening, we start to wonder and that’s not a good thing. It should be possible to feel confident that the person in charge of the office is at least basic level capable. We can’t, and his staff’s responses are inadequate.