Why Is Conservative Media Calling a Male Rapist by Feminine Pronouns?

It can be hard to decide whether to laugh or cry when leftists claim that “men get pregnant”, or refer to mothers as “birthing persons”, and ignore the real reality of biological sexual sex. We’re all aware that this is the latest cause célèbre of the radical left. However, conservative media shouldn’t expect us to do the same.

The recent case of a New Jersey male prisoner who had two children with another inmate has demonstrated that the media can also be compelled to support the transgender cult.

The New York Post reported that a transgender woman in New Jersey’s women’s prison had conceived two of her fellow inmates. The spokesman stated that Demi Minor, who is currently serving a 30-year sentence of manslaughter for manslaughter is now in a vulnerable unit at the new facility, where she is the only female.

Carley Shimkus, Fox & Friends First’s Monday host, said “Listen to that.” After having two women in her womb, a transgender woman was moved from the woman’s prison to another facility. Demi Minor is currently serving time in [a] young adult correctional facility, where she is the only female inmate.

Is this the only female inmate? Pardon? Fox News is really pushing the idea that Minor is a woman? It’s bad enough to call him a woman, but calling him “female,” is insulting.

Lauren Green reported on Fox News’ America Reports Monday that a transgender inmate claimed the sex between the two women prisoners was consensual. She is now attacking the New Jersey Department of Corrections and accusing them of unfair injustice for transferring her to a youth correctional center where she is the sole woman. “Minor, a transgender female serving 30 years in prison for the stabbing death 11 years ago of her foster father, she claims sexually abused her.” (emphasis added from the MRC link).

Any media outlet that kowtows to the transgender community and puts biological sex ahead of gender identity is unacceptable. Conservative media only empowers the transgender community, making it more difficult for us to combat this madness.

Conservative media should not be validating gender identity. I have never been afraid, to tell the truth. Caitlyn Jenner and Rachel Levine, Lia Thomas and Rachel Levine are all men. I will use masculine pronouns to refer to each of them. Elliot Page can be described as a woman. I don’t care about the hormones she was given, if she had her breasts removed or if she now identifies herself as a man. Every cell of her body is female and she is the same — that’s it.

All can legally change their names. However, no amount of plastic surgery or hormone treatment will change their gender. It is not our job, therefore, to validate the fantasies of gender-dysphoric individuals. It doesn’t matter who they identify with; their fantasies are legitimized when we give in and refer to them using their preferred pronouns.