Anti-Biden PAC Targets Kamala Harris and Maxine Waters for Supporting BLM Riots

The anti-Biden super PAC, the Committee to Defeat Presidential, uses tactics the radical Left used against Donald Trump to target two extreme Democrats. Marc Elias is the Democratic Party’s leader and a Clinton lawyer. They are being retaliated against.

Dan Backer, an attorney for the PAC stated that it was frustrating to see Marc Elias ask our attorney general to stop President Trump from being on the ballot because of the ‘insurrection. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) has had to defend herself in court against an attempt of removing her from the ballot. It was based upon her Jan. 6, 2021 actions. A North Carolina judge stopped another attempt to remove Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) from the ballot.

In response to the election lawfare from the Left, the PAC is contesting the behavior of Vice President Kamala Harris and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.). According to Backer, states need to hold Harris and Waters to the same standard that the Left is trying to impose on Trump and other Republicans.

Ted Harvey, chairman of the Committee, agreed. “Democrats who incite violence should be barred from federal offices. The Committee to Defeat Trump holds them accountable for using the same tactics as the radical Left to defeat Donald Trump. This place has real fire and not fake smoke caused by Russian collusion.

Committee Chairman Ted Harvey agrees. “It’s about time that Kamala Harris and Maxine Waters were held accountable for the Black Lives Matter riots that brought crime and chaos to America,” he said. “Democrats who explicitly incite insurgency should not be allowed to run for federal office. By holding them accountable, the Committee to Defeat the President is using the same tactics weaponized by the radical Left against Donald Trump, except there is real fire here—not just the fake smoke of Russian collusion.”

The PAC is urging the secretaries of the state of the nation to take action against Kamala Harris. They claim that the Democrat “aided insurrection” through her support for the Black Lives Matter riots publically and repeatedly in recent decades. Harris, according to the letters she sent to the secretaries of states of all 50 U.S. States and Washington, D.C., violated her oath of office in upholding the Constitution of the United States, which put American lives at risk to gain political advantage for Democrats. Backer stated that encouraging people to engage in violent conduct in order to win an election was “egregious.”

Harris supported a bail fund to release rioters who had actually committed crimes in 2020. During the campaign, Harris appeared on Stephen Colbert’s program and was asked about the protests that caused many deaths and millions of dollars. She replied, “They’re going to continue. This is a movement. They won’t stop, I promise. Beware! They won’t stop until Election Day in November and they won’t stop after Election Day. Everyone should be aware of this at both the local and national levels. They won’t stop fighting, and they shouldn’t.

Colbert was shocked by this statement, which seemed to endorse the chaos all across America. The Committee claims Harris is “constitutionally ineligible” under the Fourteenth Amendment for running for federal office. It has urged dozens of state officials not to allow Harris to vote on the vice presidential ballot in 2024.

The Committee also requests that Waters be held accountable by the California secretary of State for her participation in a BLM demonstration and encouragement to the mob to fight. The Committee also believes Waters should be removed from the ballot.

Phillip Mauriello Jr. from California, who is working with PAC to investigate the Waters complaint said that “Democrats have set a standard in trying to get Marjorie Taylor Greene or Madison Cawthorn removed from the ballot.” Maxine Waters has been prompting her support to respond aggressively and even violently for many years. Since President Trump’s election, she has been more vocal about this behavior.”

He said, “Conservatives must learn to play offense more.” Maxine Waters’ behavior has been a source of complaints. It is a common belief that conservatives will accept it. This needs to change.

Fair play is not to be confused with turnabout. It is yet to be determined if the Committee will give fair consideration to its petitions.