House Passes Same-Sex Marriage Bill With Support of 47 Republicans

Tuesday’s House vote approved the Respect for Marriage Act. This bill would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act as well as enshrine same-sex marriage in federal law.

With 47 Republican votes, the bill passed the House. The Senate now seeks the support of the GOP to codify same-sex marriage in federal law. They also need 60 votes to avoid the filibuster.

CNN reports that four Republican senators have stated they support the bill so far. Eight said no, sixteen were undecided, and twenty-two others did not respond.

CNN reported that the following people supported the bill:

Susan Collins of Maine

Lisa Murkowski from Alaska

Rob Portman, Ohio

Thom Tillis, North Carolina

Mitch McConnell was one of those who declined to comment.

Congressional Democrats are voting on the issues of same-sex marriage and abortion to respond to the Supreme Court Dobbs v Jackson ruling. They have majority support and some GOP support.

According to National Review, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer stated that “This is a MAGA Supreme Court — it’s a MAGA-right-wing extremist Supreme Court — far from where the average American is but also an average Republican.”

Schumer indicated that he would like the bill to be brought to the Senate after it has passed the House, but would need to get enough support from the GOP first.

If the bill passes the GOP senators who voted for it will be recorded and we can hold them responsible in the next election.