Canada Tells Mayor Eric Adams to Immediately Stop Sending Illegal Aliens from New York City

Canadian officials demanded that Eric Adams, New York City’s mayor, stop sending illegal aliens over the border to Canada in a statement.

According to the New York Post, Francois Legault, Premier of Quebec, accused Adams that he helped illegal aliens enter Canada via a spokesperson.

Ewan Sauves stated that any form of assistance to migrants who cross the border, where it is strictly prohibited to do so, should be stopped immediately.

The New York Post reported previously that the city government purchased bus tickets for illegal aliens traveling to Plattsburgh. This city is located in upstate New York, just 30 minutes from Canada’s border and 60 miles away from Montreal.

Sauves stated that Canadian social services are being overwhelmed by migrants and that 39,161 illegal aliens have crossed the border in close proximity to Plattsburgh.

“No, Canada doesn’t send migrants!” Adams laughed while speaking with Don Lemon on CNN. “That must be made clear!”

Republicans and other critics of Adams attacked Adams on the news calling him a hypocrite for criticizing Texas Governor. Greg Abbott, who bused illegal aliens from Texas to NYC and other Democrat-led cities known as “sanctuary towns”, was criticized for his actions.

Later, the mayor’s office released a statement stating that it was busing people toward Canada. However, it was not like Texas because it wasn’t coerced.

The statement reads, “We aren’t coercing people into leaving, we aren’t suggesting or recommending places, we don’t charter buses and we don’t present any false choice.” “Asylum seekers only get reticketed for public transport.”

NBC News reported that Canada does not pay for migrant shelters like the United States, but does allow migrants to get welfare and more generously work permits.

Adams made a promise to migrants in Texas in January that he would do all he could to help them realize their American dream.

Ironically, Adams had previously asked that Colorado Governor. Eric Polis, a Democrat, asked that migrants not be sent on buses to New York City by him because of the overwhelming need for their social services.

More information about Adams’ illegal alien bus program is available here: