Journalist Admits Real Reason Biden Broke Super Bowl Tradition, Refused Fox Interview

Ben Smith, a journalist, explained Monday that President Joe Biden missed a Super Bowl Sunday interview on Fox to avoid being confronted over questions overshadowing the presidency.
What’s the background?

The president usually sits down to interview the network during the Super Bowl. Fox Corporation was the host this year.

To avoid an uncomfortable interview with Fox News anchors the White House asked that Biden meet with Fox Soul, a lesser-known digital streaming channel that Biden would find more welcoming. The interview was never held, and the White House blamed Fox for the mess.

What did Smith say?

Smith was interviewed by CNN This Morning about the White House’s decision to not allow interviews.

Smith stated, “I think it is pretty tactical.”

“I don’t believe they were trying to take down Rupert Murdoch. But if it’s a side benefit, then I’m sure they’re interested in it. They had attempted to visit Fox Soul, a Fox subsidiary channel, to have Vivica Fox, no relation, interview the president. He is a supporter of hers. He explained that they discarded the entire thing after it hit a bump.

He said, “I think, in fact, it’s mostly about the timing.” “If Joe Biden interviewed me, I would ask him, “Are you running for reelection?” What’s the deal with the balloons? I don’t believe he– I believe he wants both of these questions answered at the time and place he chooses, which wasn’t yesterday.

Smith predicted that Biden would only appear on Fox News if the White House officials “see it as a tactical advantage.”

Was that the WH excuse?

While the White House tried to prevent Biden from being interviewed by Fox News’ anchors, Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, claimed that Fox Corp. had cancelled the interview. Fox Corp. denied that this was true.

The interview was not recorded and the White House blamed Fox Corp.