Freshman Democrat Congressman Busted Over Wild Rules for Thee Pattern of Behavior

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that another Democrat was caught using the “rules of thee” behavior they have become infamous for. But the latest instance could be the best.

Rep. Dan Goldman (D.N.Y.), a freshman member, is the most famous Democratic politician. He was the lead impeachment counsel during the first Trump impeachment trials. Goldman, a member of the legendary Goldman-Sachs family was accused by more “woke” Democratic opponents in the primary field of 2022 of trying to buy his seat because he had donated millions to his campaign.

The attacks failed, and Congressman Goldman now advocates for safer roads and greater reliance on green energy.

If one looks at Goldman’s record over the past six years, it is obvious that not only does he not practice what he preaches but he actually revels in doing what he believes no one else should be doing:

Freshman Democratic Rep. Dan Goldman has two luxury cars that have been involved in at least 84 parking and traffic violations over the past six years.

According to records from the city Finance Department, the congressman, and multimillionaire were fined $6,515. He was cited for violating his 2019 Lincoln Navigator Reserve as well as his 2014 Range Rover. He lives there together with his wife and five kids.

Goldman’s stance as a Green New Deal champion is also questioned by his gas-guzzling SUVs.

He said this week, “I am proud that I joined the House Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition to fight for environmental justice and a comprehensive and fair green energy transition.”

The NYC Streets Blog pointed out that the larger issue was not parking tickets, but other tickets that showed Goldman’s recklessness put others at risk.

We looked at the record and found that you too can view it right here. We saw that Goldman moved from three years of parking tickets (2016) to increased reckless driving in school zones and other areas where pedestrians could be killed or maimed.

I don’t mean to say that I don’t support safer roads and bridges. But if anyone wants the world to be greener, they are more than welcome to speak out in the public forum where it can be discussed and possibly even voted upon. You have to be able to live up to the standards you set before critics take you seriously. Just saying.