California Republican Kevin McCarthy Falls Short In 11th Speakership Vote As Opponents Stand Firm

Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican, has not been able to win the speakership by more than 12 Republicans this week. McCarthy lost three votes on Tuesday, three on Wednesday and five on Thursday.

Elon Musk, a billionaire businessman, suggested that Kevin McCarthy should be Speaker. Later, he added another tweet: “Subtle but I am beginning suspect opinions differ on the matter… If McCarthy, then seriously whom?”

u201cSubtle but I suspect that opinions differ on this subject u2026nnIf McCarthy, then seriously whom?u201d
— Elon Musk (@Elon Musk) 1672914233

Trump used his former presidency to urge Republicans to support McCarthy. However, Matt Gaetz (one of the GOP opponents to McCarthy) has called Trump’s support for McCarthy the “worst Human Resources decision Trump has made.” During some votes on Thursday, Gaetz voted in favor of Trump as House speaker.

Lauren Boebert, who also voted against McCarthy, suggested Wednesday that Trump should call McCarthy to end the contest.

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Gaetz stated that the impasse will end only if McCarthy “bows out” or wears a “straight jacket and a rules package”, which doesn’t allow for much “discretion.” Gaetz stated that “we don’t trust Kevin McCarthy.” Gaetz also stated that he would not vote for McCarthy.

Fox News Digital asked Republican Andy Biggs, Arizona, what McCarthy could do for Biggs support. Biggs’ spokesperson replied, “Nothing.”

19 Republicans voted against McCarthy in the two first votes this week. Byron Donalds, a Florida resident, voted against McCarthy in the first two rounds. However, he switched his vote on the third round and has continued to vote against McCarthy. In many votes, Donalds and other voters have voted for Donalds as House Speaker.

In Indiana, Victoria Spartz voted for McCarthy three times. However, she has been voting present since then. Democrats have backed Hakeem Jeffries, New York, in every vote.