Cori Bush Steps on a Rake in Contemptuous Attack on Byron Donalds

We’ve already reported that Squad member Cori (D-Mo. It’s the gift that keeps giving to Republicans and she demonstrated that again Wednesday with her predictable but contemptuous comments about Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla.

Donalds was nominated Speaker of the House in a new Congress. This is a challenge to Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R.Calif.), who has at different points in the past several election cycles been elected by his fellow Republicans to the highest GOP position in the House, the House Minority Leader post, and most recently to the House Majority Leader position in 2020.

Rep. Donalds is supported in part by Rep. Chip Roy (R.Texas), who helped to lead the fight against McCarthy smoothly slipping into the Speaker role. He, like Rep. Matt Gaetz(R.Fla.), believes that the status quo within the Republican party must be challenged.

“Wake” Democrat Bush, however, is still doing her thing amid all the drama on the Hill. Her latest example is her twisted attack against Donalds.

Just as Donald’s nomination, although it was unsuccessful, continued to put serious kinks into McCarthy’s plan for McCarthy, Bush took to Twitter to share her thoughts about the historic nature of Donald’s nomination to House Speaker.

She called him Uncle Tom in essence.

We’re sure we’ll be seeing other House Dems tracked down by reporters looking for answers to questions about Bush’s comments. Nope:

Bush, not surprisingly is open to black progress in leadership positions… as long as they have a “D” after their names.

Democrats are a band that does the same old dance, it seems. While they love to talk about the empowerment of minority communities, when someone thinks otherwise, that person becomes a traitor to their heritage, race, gender, and so on.

This has been seen on numerous occasions in the Democratic Party. For example, female Bernie Sanders supporters were treated as if they were a turncoat by “feminists” for choosing Sanders over Hillary Clinton.

They don’t get it. It is what they bring to the table, not their skin color, their lady parts, or their sexuality, that matters most.

This a reminder that Democrats are full of you-know-what when they talk about the diversity of thought and coexistence.