Breaking News! Biden Still Has Low Approval Ratings


Joe Biden’s poll numbers are still in the basement as we approach 2022 and the start of the midterms.

He has seen his support drop in all demographics. He has lost the most support in the one demographic that Democrats need to win, which turns out to be young people. It would be reasonable to expect that young people will vote for the left more than those who have been governing to their right. A new analysis by The Economist, conducted by You Gov polling shows that these are the people who are throwing out Biden.

Yesterday I said that Democrats are facing serious problems in the midterms. They need your support to prevent a complete slaughter. It’s already difficult for Democrats to win the midterms because of the mixed results for young voters.

The initial approval might have been anti-Trump support. But it wasn’t true support. They are also angry that he won’t give them what they want.

It’s hard to believe that he’s not radical enough. He is, in fact, very radical. Biden and his team speak out for radical policies like the Build Back Better bill but don’t actually implement them. We saw that BBB was likely to be sold after the Biden team failed their Christmas goal. His inability to keep his promises is drawing a lot of anger. These numbers don’t reflect all of the anger over student loan debt. Repayments will resume. Biden has resisted the call of left-leaning parties for student loan debt repayments to be delayed. The repayment process will resume on February 1, 2022. Biden did not cancel $10,000 student loan debt that he had promised to.

Biden is losing independents despite his bold moves in Afghanistan and massive failures. Inflation has also caused him to lose people. Only 28% approve, while 69 percent disapprove. Only 36% approve of his handling of crime.

You may not find many people willing to support Biden or the Democrats 2022.