Even Airline CEO’s Know Masks Are Not Effective

Senator Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation were able to hear testimony from the chief executives of major airlines. They spoke mostly about the $54 billion bailout the industry received during the pandemic.

CEOs let the cat out of the bag regarding the safety and efficacy of wearing masks while flying.

Gary Kelly, Southwest Airlines’ CEO, spoke to the U.S. Senators heard Wednesday from Gary Kelly, Southwest Airlines’ CEO. He said that the cabin air is so clean that no face masks are necessary to protect against COVID-19.

Why do we continue with mask theatre? According to FAA reports, mask-related incidents accounted for 4072 out of 5664 incidents.

The virus is not the problem.

Dementia Joe calls for a permanent mandate that all interstate transportation must wear a mask. He controls how people use public transport.

Kelly’s remarks about face masks were contrary to attempts by the Biden administration to require them on planes, in airports, and on other forms of interstate transportation like buses, trains, and trains.

The pandemic symbol of compliance for airlines that don’t follow the plan or try to modify it is dead.

In his first executive orders, President Joe Biden included mandates for airplane masks. In January, he was inaugurated. The mandate was renewed through March 18, 2022.

Since 2020, airlines require that passengers wear masks on flights. Harvard and the Department of Defense joined forces to show that HEPA filters prevent coronavirus from spreading among passengers.

Scott Kirby, United Airlines CEO was very happy with the HEPA filter system installed in the aircraft. The HEPA filter system in the aircraft was compared to ICU units at hospitals. Scott Kirby, United Airlines CEO, was glowing about it.

Technology appears to be doing the job of reducing the risk of COVID spreading and eliminating the need for masks.