Biden is Literally Hitler Now

Adolf Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany on March 23, 1933. It was just days before he became the universal symbol of evil and the global symbol. It led to “a period of boundless misery” for Germany. He assured Reichstag members, however, that the “German Volk”, which he described as “increasingly turning away from the concepts and parties that it believes are responsible” for the current conditions. “This should. These are the same rhetorical words Old Joe Biden used in his Thursday night speech to demonize Donald Trump and his supporters as enemies of State.

Biden’s September 1 speech, which was deeply troubling and un-American, was likely chosen by his handlers because of historical ignorance rather than historical awareness. Standing in front of a dark background, Old Joe recalled Hitler’s demonization of him and declared that Donald Trump and his MAGA Republicans “represent an extremism which threatens our very foundations.”

Hitler did the exact same thing to the Communists he claimed were responsible for Germany’s problems. “He spoke out about the necessity of rejecting ideologies, organizations, or men who slowly and rightly recognize the root causes of Germany’s decline and said, “Filled with the conviction that the cause of this collapse lies within the internal damage to the Volk, the Government of the National Revolution aims to eliminate the afflictions which will, in the long-term, hinder any real recovery.”

Biden reiterated the same sentiments, declaring that the country was recovering despite its internal enemies’ efforts to destroy it. Biden stated that American manufacturing was alive and well in the Heartland and that the future would come to America. It was as if America’s First patriots were being demonized as white supremacists or extremists. We can see the light in the darkness. This includes the dark of Charlottesville, COVID, and gun violence.

These resonances can be both alarming and real. Hitler took the next step and blamed the Communist Party. Enabling Act was passed by the Reichstag to end Germany’s 14-year-old experiment with a representative government.

That wouldn’t be possible.