We Are a Clear and Present Danger to the Biden Regime

“Clear and imminent danger” is not a phrase any president should use lightly. This was when the First Amendment was rescinded by the big guns.

Let’s forget the neo-Nurembergesque optics that Presidentish Joe Biden used to divide America’s history on Thursday night. Now let’s focus on the content.

“MAGA Republicans made their choice”. Biden grumbled, “They embrace anger, They thrive on chaos”.

“That’s why respected conservatives such as Federal Circuit Court Judge Michael Luttig called Trump and the extreme MAGA Republicans a clear, present threat to our democracy,” quote.

Ben Shapiro called it “the most demagogic, outrageous, and divisive speech” he’s ever seen from an American president because Biden “essentially declared all those who oppose him and his agenda enemies of the republic.”

Biden spoke just two days after threatening to link millions of law-abiding Americans with military action. His sneer was that an F-15 was necessary if they were to fight against the country.

Ricochet’s Ricochet representative Jon Gabriel stated that Biden was just as divisive for his choice of words as it was deliberate. He reminded readers of the Woodrow Wilson-era Supreme Court’s creation of the C& PD doctrine to limit freedom of speech rights for Americans.

Gabriel warned Biden he had “fooled a legal pretext” in order to silence Republicans entering the midterm elections.

Already, social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have been exposed as complicit in government corruption of the First Amendment. This was highlighted by Stacey Lennox, our own Stacey Lennox.

Following the shocking comments made by Mark Zuckerberg, Meta CEO, about the FBI’s role in censoring Hunter Biden’s laptop story, the initial emails to Schmitt & Landry’s lawsuit provide additional evidence that the Biden administration uses Big Tech for things it isn’t allowed or permitted to do.

Lennox said that additional disclosures could show that Big Tech and the government conspired to censor information on any number of topics.

Back to Thursday night’s demagoguery.

Editor of MSNBC Eugene Robinson praised Biden’s speech and called it an “urgent, military address.”

Who is Biden at war with?

Biden faced the enemy, and he is us.

Many on the Right, including Stephen Kruiser (my friend and colleague), believe that Biden’s speech was a display of weakness. It’s the panic and flop sweat of every Washington power player in the Beltway. Let’s not forget, that it could have been more: A dangerously naive display of confidence in the power of the administration.

They can not only govern but also rule.

It’s hard to imagine anything to criticize the Biden regime when they secretly silence critics via social media back channels and openly promote a Wilson-era pretext for jailing us.

This deceitful mediocrity believes he is able to sign a transfer amounting to up to a trillion dollars, from blue-collar Americans to doctors, lawyers, and Trans Deconstructive Lit Theory students, and call it “debt relief.”

Don’t forget about democracy, our republic could rely on it.