Dan Rather Makes a Donkey’s Derriere out of Himself After Harwood Firing

Dan Rather, a lazy media activist, has shown once again why no one takes him seriously. Rather was dismayed at the decision and questioned the future of the news organization.

Tweeted By Rather:

What is the deal with CNN?

The King Of Fake News isn’t the only one complaining about CNN trying to be less of a propaganda mill for Democrats. Malcolm Nance (author and TDS sufferer) tweeted:

#CNN should be treated as #Tesla. Let’s get them in MF’ing’s pocket. We should all be shaming the CEO who was hired to betray America. #BoycottCNN

Parker Molloy is a writer who took issue with Brianna Kessler, a CNN media activist, for her criticisms of Biden’s use of two Marines to support his Sith Lord speech.

This is a great screenshot. This is a great screenshot that shows what’s wrong with the press right now.

@brikeilarcnn has been one of the most vocal voices CREATING criticism. She’s now REPORTING on Biden’s criticism of Marines against a background of speech.

You did it.

This is the latest attempt to boycott CNN. This boycott has been going on for more than a month.

But, CNN may be doing something right if it is causing so much pain to people like Dan Rather. This type of person has been employed by the network for years.

CNN may not be entirely centrist but it is possible. CNN will never be completely centrist, but this does not mean it will.