Biden Deceived Americans With One Heck of a Whopper About Jobs Before Election

Everyone knows Joe Biden lies a lot.

His administration seems to have misrepresented important information, such as the job numbers for the second quarter of this year.

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, only 10,500 new jobs were created, instead of the more than one million claimed by the Biden team. Biden stated that there had been historical job growth before the election and that there were “more jobs in every quarter” since the pandemic.

The White House repeated this lie, claiming it was a sign of “enormous progress” but it was completely false.

Let’s not forget election manipulation and lying, because that is what it appears to be.

Republicans claim that the government lied about data regarding employment during an election year and demand answers.

According to the Philadelphia Fed, the new assessment reveals that 29 states and the District of Columbia have significantly lower employment numbers than the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported for the March-to-June period.

The BLS is a division of the Department of Labor and estimates that there was 1,047,000 net job growth in the second quarter. The Philadelphia Fed reports that 10,500 jobs were created during this period.

Rick Scott, a Florida Republican Senator, called the development “outrageous.”

“Wrong about one million jobs,” tweeted Mr. Scott on Friday. We need to know the truth now, @BLS_gov head.

What did the White House say?

We closely monitor a range of economic activity, and labor market data, and the totality suggests that there is a strong labor market with the unemployment rate near a 50-year low and initial unemployment insurance claims remaining low.

Translation? They have no explanation that would justify the enormous whopper they have been telling Americans. If people voted for them thinking they had done something good, oh, well. All they care about is the “Harry Reid response” — “all that matters is we won.”