Keith Olbermann Is so Upset With Elon Suspending Him, He’s Gone to the Dogs

Many left-leaning people are shattered by Twitter’s suspension of some members of the liberal press for allegedly doxxing Elon Musk. They passed along a link to someone tracking him in real-time. Musk already declared that doxxing is a suspended offense after a “crazy stalker”, who he called, went after his family. Some wanted to try it anyway. Musk assured them that they weren’t special and that if they were involved with doxxing they would be treated the same as everyone else.

Keith Olbermann was one of the people who were suspended. He was probably the only person people on both sides weren’t disturbed by seeing get the temporary boot. Jim Thompson may be missing him, but I believe he is still there because he is a great template for mocking cartoons.

Olbermann, being Olbermann, couldn’t afford to take the time-out. He needs the time-out because he has been fired from his reporting job and he cannot keep affirming himself. In the grand tradition of Kathy Griffin, who used her mother’s account to avoid suspension, Olbermann is now using his dog rescue account and adoption account to evade suspension. He is still mad at Elon Musk.

He has a hilarious meltdown and compares his suspension to that of others in the “The Godfather” scene in which people get whacked.

If the account is suspended again, here’s a link for comments.

Talk about drama llama. He then asks for the account to be also suspended. Old Twitter’s punishment for using another account to avoid suspension was to whack that second account.

Why was his account suspended in the first place? He claimed that no one had doxxed Musk.

Olbermann encouraged everyone to share the link, which was likely why he got the hook.

Olbermann’s tantrum is particularly funny because he’s such an awful person — he used cheerleading and encouraged Twitter to ban or suspend anyone he didn’t like.

Language warning:

They were happy when it was happening to conservatives who weren’t doxxing people and who were being nailed because they expressed opinions they didn’t like.

Keith Olbermann has just received karma. Next, it will likely go to the dogs when this account is seized.