The Republican Party Does Not Want to Change

The Republican Party is now reflecting on the disastrous midterm elections results and deciding how to proceed.

As the GOP prepares for the next election season it seems that it will be business as usual. All indications so far indicate that this is the case.

Harmeet Dalton is an attorney running to succeed Ronna McDaniel. She is also one of those calling for change. Harmeet Dhillon spoke out with Fox News and warned that the GOP needs to “change and adapt” or risk its survival. Harmeet Dalton also criticized the party’s leadership, saying that it has not changed in a way that appeals to Americans.

“Voters tell me they have to see a change at the RNC.” She said that she also hears it online from influencers and donors.

McDaniel was elected to the post in 2017, with the support of President Donald Trump. The GOP lost the House in 2018, and then the presidency in 2020. In 2022, the party narrowly took back the House of Representatives despite being expected to win big in both chambers of Congress. After Sen. Raphael Warnock’s defeat of Herschel Walker, the Democrats gained more control over the Senate.

Dhillon said that the party has not been a leader for hustling the ballots into boxes. He stated that they are still trying to appeal emotionally and buy expensive ads to get people to vote. Democrats go to places where early voting is legal and ballot harvesting is legal. This is the case in most states. They hustle for the ballots.

An attorney highlighted one of the party’s greatest flaws: Its inability to communicate a winning message with the American people.

“I don’t think we have been very effective at communicating why people should vote for us.” She noted, “We have been allowing Democrats set the agenda, allowing them to dictate what our party is doing.”

Conservatives are often unable to come up with new ideas and instead criticize Democrats’ flawed solutions.

Dhillon also complained about excessive spending at RNC. Dhillon also noted “a lot” of “bad contracts and vendor contracts that are not competitively bid.” He complained that there is a “real desire for everything to remain the same” in the organization.

We published a piece about the irresponsible spending practices of McDaniel’s RNC leadership. This issue angered both small and large donors.

McDaniel and other officials responded in the usual way to the report – with deflections or personal attacks – McDaniel, the RNC, and other officials responded to the report with deflections and personal attacks. The chair sent an email to members of the committee to “debunk lies approximately 0.8% of RNC total expenditure.”

It’s not surprising that the email did not address the excessive spending mentioned in the report. Van Laar pointed out:

It’s easy to see how the RNC under Ronna McDaniel has made a lot of money. They used the same strategy as former Rep. Katie Hill to try and avoid accountability for my actions.

McDaniel is expected to win reelection despite his reckless spending. McDaniel will likely remain in charge of the RNC, which proves once again that the GOP believes in a meritocracy.

Even if Dhillon wins, the establishment forces within her party will stop her progress. They don’t have to win the election to do this. Why would they?

It is not the best way to gain America’s leadership than to continue to support an institution that doesn’t care about making a difference.