Attorney of Whistleblower in Hunter Biden Case Confirms Existence of Documentary Evidence

We previously reported that a whistleblower within the IRS revealed that political motivations and conflicts of interest tainted the investigation. The whistleblower, a supervisor in the IRS criminal division, has been overseeing the probe of the president’s son and is asking for congressional protections to tell his story.

A new report suggests that his complaint is not based solely on the testimony of the whistleblower. He has also obtained documents that prove a high-ranking political appointee from the Biden administration had been involved in this case and committed perjury.

This senior political appointee, according to reports, is AG Merrick Garland. He has protected the Biden Family for many years in other ways as well. This could be the biggest scandal in political history if the documents mentioned by this lawyer are true. This would dwarf Watergate, and make all the nonsense about Donald Trump look quaint.

The Republicans in Congress will rush to provide whistleblower protections for this case. I do not believe that the mainstream media has the power to suppress this. The cover-up can be worse than the crime, as they say. Even if Joe Biden wasn’t directly involved in his son’s corrupt and probably illegal dealings his attempt to cover it up could bring down the current president. It would only be right.

This is a developing story, and we will provide updates as soon as they become available.